Photo Credits: Ronja Burkard
Models: Arthur (Neu Casting), Kira (Neu Casting) und Leon 

All rights reserved © Ronja Burkard, 2022

The editorial which I shot together with Ronja in Berlin deals with so-called non-places (Nicht-Orte, Marc Augé) in the immediate neighborhood. Non-places offer the space to create without prejudices, so we had the freedom to see those places through a different light by adding texture and youthness. Also shooting with clothing from a particular brand but not focusing on this like a fashion editorial has given us more flexibility in the implementation. Knowing each other for years and starting off our creative paths in different cities was exciting yet hard to keep on track of each other‘s lives sometimes – so we even more enjoyed working and and learning together. Cheers to that!

Brands: EDWIN, ĒNA, Fadentragen