Helen Bucher (*03.06.1994) in Binningen, CH is a Berlin/Copenhagen based fashion creative. She had been running her own upcycling brand Studio Stetten since 2018 which was focused on collaborative projects with young creatives from different fields. In 2022 she decided to step back from this role and explore other fields in the fashion industry. She explored the world of fashion PR as an assistant at Compose PR and is currently working at Samsøe Samsøe as an Image Producer. 

Helen Bucher, Copenhagen
Mail: contact@helenbucher.de
IG: @shelenbucher

Creative Production – Event & Imagery 
Sustainability – Upcycling & Screenprinting
Fashion Communication – Collaboration Management & Visual Merchandising

Studio Stars, SLEEP-OVER, Joana Christina, Die Schleuse, AVENIR, Compose PR, Haderlump Atelier, Mavi Europe, Viko63 & Penglord, Edwin Europe, OPEN Store, Fadentragen, IS THIS DARKNESS OR THE DAWN, Freiwerk Basel, Studio ENA, Hibu

Samsøe Samsøe,
Copenhagen Showroom & PR
Jyoti Fair Works, Berlin – Social Media, Customer Care & Logistics
Central Saint Martins, London – Fashion Communication Summer School 
Mavi Europe, Heusenstamm – Public Relations & Product Management 
Carhartt WIP, Weil am Rhein – Logistics & Product Management

– Samsøe Samsøe Image Production Coordinator (ongoing)
– TASCHEN w/ Jonas Villadsen
– BFW for Compose PR, hosting Bobkova, DZHUS, Avenir & Litkovska
– Samsøe Samsøe Kaffeebar Pop-Up, production and hosting during PFW
– ‚NON-PLACES‘ Basel Editorial w/ Ronja Burkard, personal project
– BFW for Compose PR & Haderlump, guest-management and hosting

– ‚NON-PLACES‘ Berlin Editorial w/ Ronja Burkard for EDWIN Europe
– Berlin Pressdays for Compose PR w/ xouxou, Litkovska, Ella Silla, Johanna Gauder – Collaboration w/ Viko63 & Penglord ‚UNITY‘, Upcycling & Pop-Up event

2018 – 2021 ‚Studio Stetten‘
– Video & Production for my friend’s project ‚Fadentragen‘
– Upcycling project ‚The Granny Buckets‘ 
– Screenprint for ‚Is This Darkness Or The Dawn‘ w/ Jana Marai, Peter Wolff & Moritz Reisberger
– Collaboration w/ Leon Charo-Tite ‚SOMETIMES‘ 
– Collaboration w/ Jakob Ostermayer ‚KONZUM‘
– Collaboration w/ Brynna Hall, Upcycling and Pop-Up event 
– Collaboration w/ Lisa-Marie Seiter ‚Bold & Boundless‘
– Graduate Collection ‚Planet Stetten‘ focused on sustainable streetwear